Fast Pain Relief

Targeted cryotherapy offers near-instant relief in seconds. Cryotherapy has shown proven benefits for relieving muscle soreness, joint pain, and inflammation. Generally, 2-3 visits a week are needed - but this all depends on the severity of your pain. Learn More

Increase Performance

Cryotherapy is a fantastic addition to any workout regime, whether you’re injured or not. Cold Therapy post-exercise is a powerful way to promote faster rejuvenation, with additional anti-inflammatory benefits. Learn More

Healthier Skin

Cryotherapy works by causing your thermoreceptors to send electrical impulses to the brain. This makes your body believe it is freezing (even though it’s not!) transporting more nutrients to the skin. This can reduce wrinkles, reduce cellulite and acne, boost blood circulation, balance out hormones, unclog pores etc. Learn More